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    I'm not concerned about Seguin. He is learning to be a more complete player than Hall or Skinner. Stevie Y went through the same thing with Detroit when he had to become more responsible defensively. The offense will come, but the defensive side of his game will be sound as well.
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    Coming into this year, Richards had a points per game percent .01% better than Bergeron, with far more talent, and no where near the faceoff percentage.

    I'll keep Bergeron thanks.

    In Response to Re: SKINNER:
    I don't know but playing with Staal is not nothing.  Best player in deepest draft ever of 2003-2nd pick overall, has most Gms Goals Assist and Points, but 12th in Pen mins. Seg has 3 as well, but not any playing time with any. 3rd pick Horton  Gms 3rd - Goals 5th  - Assists 8th  -  Points  6th  -  Pen Mins -8th 45th     Berg          11th -   12th     -        3rd      -      9th        -  45th where he was picked, imagine he does not lose a year plus to injury. 21st   Stuart        38th(11thD) -  11th for D-  18thD    -    16th D - 22nd(9thD)  Year 2003 never ceases to amaze me of its depth, players between Stu and Berg we could have had Mike Richards, Corey Perry, Louis Erickson or we could have had the Rangers pick 12th overal Hugh Jessiman the only player in 1st round to not play in the NHL. Hall is playing with Horcoff and Penner, 2 players a lot of people would like here, but I'll abstain. I do agree Skinner and Hall are having better years and Seg has not found his groove, and he is playing peripherally(which is ok if that is his style).  I for one wanted Seg over Hall, I expected a slower start of Seg from Hall but still hope that his career will be better.  I really wanted Skinner last year and wanted the B's to find a way to get him last year but once again, wanted Seg more and will expect a better career here as well. Both these players play on more run and gun type teams and not for CJ, Hall plays 6 mins more and Skinner 4 mins more than Seg. Seg will be the better player.
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    You do know Skinner is getting way more ice time because the only player on the team clearly better than him is Eric Staal, right?

    You know that neither Carolina or Edmonton are in the playoffs?

    In Response to SKINNER:
    Has been added to the all star game (with the big boys) this guy plays with heart and guts same with T hall for all the people who keep making excusses for Seguin you need to watch these rookies, and some of you will say they are getting more ice time and your RIGHT!! because they earn it. Seguin has better players around him so that should leave him open more while hall n skinner are there teams go to guys and still getting it done. Point is Seguin is soft and while he has good skill you cant teach bravery and this kid is just that very scared when it comes to the dirty areas. CJ has pointed this out that he has to be willing to battle harder and go into the dirty areas more often!!! The problem is courage is something the bruins have no control over when handleing TS. The word here in CAN is that his days before plymouth he was a P#$@#y so for those who continue to make excusses for him i suggest you watch the other rookies mentioned above.... they are exciting to watch same cant be said for the segul   
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    Skinner is an excellent player, he was in junior and is in the NHL.  So is Hall.  Seguin has some awesome talent and may or may  not be better than them in time but they will all be very good.  But everyone who is clamoring for Seguin to play more are the same people who would be saying Julien has to go and the Bruins stink if they had lost a few more games and were on the outside looking in of the playoff picture.  The league is so tight that you can't afford to let Seguin play and live with the results.  Claude has to go with his best options available every night, and unfortunately that often isn't Seguin yet.  And as far as getting the ice time and then earning it, there is no need for that to be the case.  Brad Marchand is proof that, on the Bruins, if you do a lot with a little opportunity, you will get more.