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    I don't see the sky falling at 14-3-3.  Sure the last couple of games have been disappointing especially with the Bruins unable to put leads on lockdown - normally one of their strengths.  No question there are problems with some of the parts yet they sit with one of the league's most impressive records.  Club brass will attend to the needs necessary to improve the team. 

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    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment:

    In response to shuperman's comment:

    Noticing that the 3rd line is still in free fall and the pretty much all the defensman on the team can't find a way to move the puck out of the zone is pointing to the sky ?


    I don't think the Wheeler/Stuart trade was a major tweek but it was damn sure helpful. How about just fixing something before it gets worse.

    Who said trade all the defenseman ?

    I thought you said our defense was fine?

    I asked the question becuase Wheat suggested that someone had commented on the Bs defense needs to be overhauled. I then suggested how bad they've looked over the past few games.


    Boychuk and Ference are worrying me, they are not the whole defense and I am not suggesting they get traded. Hence me stating there will be some tweaks.

    Stop putting words into my mouth...I've always wanted to say that to you even though I don't think you were...

    Ok,  i was only asking bc i thought we talked about this.