Biggest blunders are being made by CJ:

1- biggest game of the year so far and you sit the MVP candidate in favor of the backup????
2- first goal- coach had Bartkowski AND McQuaid on ice- worst 2 D on team together?
3-Powerplay(or lack thereof)- GM gets one of best PP quarterbacks and the coach can't put together a decent PP scheme? Too much talent on this team for this.

Other probs:
-Bartkowski is not NHL ready...maybe no choice to play him?
-Rask- early goals in 1st, getting outplayed by Price, giving up 2 goals in 2nd off first 6 shots...don't care if you blame him or not-he's giving up lots of rebounds and goals... that wrister?????
-Seguin looks pretty bad out there

Won't judge the Chara thing till i let it sink in but i don't think he was attempting to injure that kid-hope he is o.k.

I don't make it a habit of bashing B's players/coaches but plenty of negative things going on.