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    Took some time to take a look at Carl in game action and he has great hands and can skate very well. He is not phyiscal and not proven beyond the Swedish league. If he comes to Boston he will have to prove himself with the PBruins for some time and in this short season it would be a long shot for him to play this season for the Bruins.

    In this fans view it makes the Bruins should look to more experienced people to put them over the top than to risk their season on an unproven rookie at this time . The Bruins need to improve thier 3rd line to get more scoring and get more punch from their 4th line in order to role 4 good lines.

    ]The Bruins are very close to being the best all round team in the NHL and a condender if PC finds an answer to their 3rd and 4th lines.

    The Bruins so far have been a very good 2 line team but the other 2 lines have too improve so the Bruins can be the Team we know they should be.

    ]If PC and the Bruins can save cap with plyers like Caron or Sorderberg do it but try to keep us open for Iginla or Alfedson or any other good players who will help us.

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    Re: Soderberg

    If he comes over, it won't be to go to Providence.  He'll get the Krug deal - a mil, maybe a three year EL deal, and a handshake that he finishes the season in Boston.  Then, if he doesn't make a mark, he can either come back next year knowing he needs some AHL seasoning, or he can decide that no, he was wrong, he's not ready for the NHL and never will be.

    The Bruins are the best team in the East.  They would be running neck and neck with the Ducks for second best in the West, and that only because Chicago had a wacky run.  They don't need to make moves to "save their season".  They should, as at any time and in any year, look to make smart moves to improve if the opportunity is there.

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    Re: Soderberg

    I know Kelly and Pevs have not produced, but do you think they get a little angry always having to play with whatever spare part PC dreams up while the top 2 lines have played together for the better part of 3 years?

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    Re: Soderberg

    If Soderberg can't cut it with the big club now, can't imagine a stint in Providence is in the cards.

    He's 27, not a young kid.  Might need some time to adjust with the big club, but is unlikely to go to the AHL.