Some OHL notes

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    Some OHL notes

    Just a couple of quick notes on our guys in the OHL....

    1) Camara and Spooner's teams suck.  They're like 3-19 combined so far.  As a result neither one is doing anything (yet).  Spooner's team is averaging like 2 goals a game and is 1-10.  Not the best situation for him.  Hopefully  he gets dealt later in the year to a contender.  Camara is already -10 but on his team (which is 2-8) that's only in the middle of the pack so it's hard to say if he's that bad defensively in his own zone or his team stinks that badly.

    2) Knight's doing well (6-3=9 so far in 10 games) but his team's loaded so it's hard to say how much of it is him doing well and how much of it is playing with good players....guess time will tell on that...

    3)  Hamilton on the other hand is off to a tremendous start ...5-12-17 in only 9 games.  He's the leading D scorer in the OHL right now, and is 5th overall...let's hope he keeps it up....

    Just figured some of you fellows would want to know how they're doing...
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    Re: Some OHL notes

    Thx for the update from Florida