This post-season has been a cinderella story. Personally, it's been the most enjoyable experience of my life as a Bruins Fan. Horton's OT Game winner against the Habs; Game 7 against the lightning (maybe the finest game of hockey I've ever seen), Seguin going off in game 2, redemption for Philly, redemption for Julien and Thomas. Unfortunately, the once-in-a lifetime exitement that filled me up before the Stanley Cup finals has been hijacked by everything that's wrong with hockey these days.

The story lines we have going into game four are a disgrace: tribalism among stupid fans, hack writers and commentators incapable of calling a spade a spade, petty tit-for-tat nonsense on the ice, dishonorable characters on the opposing team, head-shots, diving, taunting, biting, not to mention the league's near constant acts of incompetence in dealing with these things. This is a scott walker sucker punch away from being one of the worst stanley cups ever. 

Where is the nobility and sportsmanship in hockey? Who are these disgusting individuals we are rooting for? Why do fans tolerate their teams adding the likes of Lapierre, Cooke, Avery to their teams?  Why are fans incapable of joining together to rid the game of these dispicable types of behavior. The fact that so few fans can extend their feelings of empathy and compassion for injured players that happen to wear another jersey color is an embarasment. 

These are the obvious storylines to anyone, and it's sad at a time when hockey purists should be glued to the tv. I can barely muster excitment, none of it is about any great plays or tight games.  Three games of the stanley cup that I never want to watch again... ever.

I feel robbed.