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Still need that...

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    Still need that...

    We are still lacking that one guy that when he comes into the zone scares opposing defenses and goalies. If I am the Bruins I target two guys, Jarome Iginla and Alex Kovalev. These two snipers would add that pressure on other teams. Personally I want Iginla but I think it would cost too much. I think if you proposed a salary matcher plus prospect and a mid level pick it may get done. Something like Ryder, one or two of Caron/Hamill/Penner, and a second or third it might get Calgary to bite. I know they are in the hunt but just barely this gives them some cap relief after the season, Iginla is signed long-term and also some nice pieces to add to a relatively older roster.
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    Re: Still need that...

    Don't have the cap space for Iginla. Kovalev is more inconsistent then Horton. Kaberle, Seids (especially if he can continue to have shots like his PP goal), Horton, Lucic, Krejci scares people. Marchand, Racchi, Bergy, Chara, Kampfer scares people. The 4th scares people because they can hold it in the zone. The 3rd line will be different so it remains to be seen if they will scared people or not.