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    Re: Stop!

    Yah, it's like the first 2 games CJ was trying out some new theory.
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    Re: Stop!

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    ....letting this Capitals' D have their way with you and put these guys away! 1. Holtby hasn't been tested. 2. Get gritty and beat them physically in their own end. 3. Break up the 1-4 system of their D. 4. Use your g-d given speed. 5. Park your arses in front of Holtby. 6. You guys are bigger and tougher than them.  Use it. Is that so hard?
    Posted by ipot

    You are right on ipot.   The Bruins are losing all the battles in front of the Washington net.  Give the Caps credit but the Bruin forwards have to have more push back and battle harder for lose pucks.  The Bruin players however are always outnumbered in front of the Caps net because the Caps have everyone collapsing and the Bruins always have their 3rd forward high thinking defense first.  That is a little bit of sarcasm and they won a Cup with this system but scoring 2 goals in 2 games at home against a rookie goalie just isn't acceptable. My bet is that Washington will try and get a little fancier at home and the Bruins will jump all over them.
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    Re: Stop!

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    In Response to Re: Stop! : Yeah, huntbri.  I'm thinking Wash. will be energized going back to DC.  But, one thing the Bs DO thrive on is finding that anger/fight on the road.  They've done it time and time again.  And there's enough guys on this team who've done it before. I'm listening to the post-game comments and I'm like "why didn't you guys notice/adjust this after Game 1 or at least between periods during Game 2." It's just frustrating sometimes.....maybe they thought the OT win in Game 1 would have the Caps all rattled and shaky, i dunno....
    Posted by ipot

    Sometimes its easier said, than done....
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    Re: Stop!

    They look like the freaking Rangers on defense all of a sudden.