Stuart or McQuaid in LA????

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    Re: Stuart or McQuaid in LA????

    Marc has been one of my favorite defenseman on this team for a few years. Right now he is getting outplayed by McQ.

    Guess you have to play McQ. Whats up with chia and these upcoming DMAN, Cohen,Kampfer,Bartkowski,Warsofsky(saw him play over the weekend GREAT one timer), Alexandrov....

    That is not a bad core of developing guys at all!
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    Re: Stuart or McQuaid in LA????

    The decision really isn't much different than one you would have to make in deciding who gets to play goal for you when both tenders are approximately equal in terms of skills and games won. Look at which Dman is helping you win the most games particularly at this time of the year..(and who is the healthiest amongst them) and that's who you play. IMO McQuaid has shown a bit more than Stuart has over the past recent weeks so I would go with the hot hand and that's McQuaid right now. I don't think it's really more complicated than that, but I'm no hockey expert like a lot of folks on here!
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    Re: Stuart or McQuaid in LA????

    Stu is just back off an injury, he is the better D, though I like McQ a lot.

    I would sit Pail and dress McQ at fwd or sit Thorn, McQ is a better skater and just as good a fighter. His fights are not of the staged variety, he has 2 fights less in 14 games less.  Though have to say Thorn is playing his best hockey, almost like a fire under him this year, you can see it in his eyes and on his face when they zoom in on him during play and even just on the bench.  Thorn may slip with Wheel moved off line.

    Pretty sure Pail will have to fight Westgarth, tough guys just to seem to zone in on our bruiser when he is in the
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    Re: Stuart or McQuaid in LA????

    In Response to Re: Stuart or McQuaid in LA????:
    NAS does not like McQuaid because hs is not a pacifist, and would rather bring Frank Simonetti out of retirement as a 6 th/7th D than have McQ and his sac in there...   Double soy latte for NAS, post haste !!
    Posted by Griswal65

    Let's trade McQuaid for Jeanette Rankin.