Stuart's Value?

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    Unless the Bruins add another D-man Stuart is worth more to the Bruins than the pick we would get for him.  There is no way PC takes the Bruins into the playoff with only 6 NHL D-men with 2 of them being Rookies.
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    It's not just the pick I am focused on.  In fact the pick is just a residual of the desired intent.  The real goal is to allow 1.4 million more in flexiblity when looking at the final piece we might acquire for the playoff push this year. Do you not think there is a significant difference between 4 million in cap space vs  5.4 in cap space.  If we trade him and go into the playoffs with a million plus in cap space I will be livid as I believe most other fans will be as well.
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    Re: Stuart's Value

    @ Seabass
    Less ridiculous than any offers I've seen for Richards or Zajac. Take away the 1st rounder, make it a 2nd or 3rd. Add a  prospect each way. Make it work for St. Louis. Johnson has slipped back a bit and would be better here in CJ's system. Wheeler was 1st round pick as was Johnson. Ference gives them veteran D. Give them Hamill or a 2nd or 3rd. Johnson would look good in a B's uniform. And some cap space would be created.