Subban Fight

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    Tonight in the Maple Leafs versus Canadiens fight which I find myself rooting for the maple leafs in P.K. Subban decided to fight Joffrey Lupul and as Lupul decides to take off his helmet as a player should when he wears a visor, Subban Decides to through a sucker punch.  The one time this guy decides to fight he practically jumps the guy.  what a pu$sy
    Posted by Tuckerw3

    yup it was an Avery special Subban is a clown
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    Re: Subban Fight

    This is the Subban script -- try to find non-fighters to go with and then sucker them, then the second he starts losing a fight he drops to the ground and looks for the refs.  He's a punk.

    I don't think he should have to fight Lucic, but the point is, he shouldn't act like he wants to when he behind the ref.  That's his little game, he runs his mouth and acts like he wants to fight, but then hides behind the ref whenever he has the chance.  Can't believe the way the refs protected him last Wednesday night.