In response to gord11's comment:

10 forwards isn't a bad idea, 'shuperman'. (except the Union would never go for the permanent elimination of 60 jobs)

Perhaps if a team wasn't allowed to replace a suspended player in their line-up for the suration of their player's suspension?

In the case of Buffalo and Kaleta for instance, they would only be able to dress 11 forwards for 10 games!(or 5 defenceman - however they decide) 

And with John Scott's suspension, they would find themselves down to 10 forwards for the length of time that Kaleta's and Scott's suspension overlap.

This would put this kind of player in the position he should be in - one where his suspendible offence hurts not just him but his whole team. Talk about meaningful 'policing' - this would clean things up pretty quick.


I like that idea gord.  not surprising that buffalo is terrible with these 2 idiots.