I was watching the Red Sox and Blue Jays last night. The camera man spotted in on Tanner Glass sitting watching the game. Just speculation did PC give him some hospitality before meeting with bruins mngt. for contract negotiation. Glass is no goal scorer but is consistent 3rd and 4th line player which the Bruins can also use. Yes the Bruins did trade away Poulit and deja vu Tanner Glass is in Boston few days before July 1st.

If you ask Winnipeg fans Glass and Slater did their roles playing for the Jets. Or maybe Tanner is a Blue Jays fan, cause he was wearing a Jays hat. Unless their is charity golf game in the Boston area.

He can be good low cost fill in for the Bruins 3rd and 4th line duties.

The Bruins current forwards roster

looch krejci seguin
marchand bergy peverly
glass kelly caron
paille camp thorn

Peverly can be the second line fill in until (1) news that Horton is healthy and will be ready early next season (2) if horton comes back pev will be bump down to 3rd line (3) Glass and Caron wil be extra security for 3rd and 4th line spots.