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Team Speed?

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    Re: Team Speed?

    In response to Chowdahkid-'s comment:

    Eriksson replacing Seguin .........both described as fast skaters.

    (Wrong Seguin is one of the fastest players in the leauge)

    Horton and Iginla are about equal.

    (Not correct - Horton is much faster than Iginla today)

    Bartkowski, Hamilton or Krug are just as fast ( or faster ) as Ference.

    (saw off agree)

    Jagr's slowness is replaced by Soderberg.

    (I hope Soderberg is an improvement over Jagr's lack of speed)

    Peverley ? If Spooner makes the jump, people will love the way he skates

    (Peverley is much faster than any rookie on our roster)

    Johnson/Svedberg can open the door just as fast as Khudo.

    What's the problem with their team speed ? 

    The problem with a lack of team speed is it is hard to stretch the defence when they are not worried about faster attacking players.  Seguin didn't score much lately but his speed kept the occasional D-Man from pinching down the wall.  I think we need a burner on the third line, not sure who that is but a lack of team speed is our achiles heel right now as I see this team.  Who gave us trouble in the playoffs Kessel, Kane and the likes, speed players.

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    Re: Team Speed?

    B's win the Cup...teams want to get tougher.

    Chicago wins the Cup...teams want to get faster.

    It's flavor of the day stuff.

    Get guys who can score, get a good goalie & D, and have depth in case of injuries.  B's had plenty of opportunity to win it again this year, they just didn't finish enough.  

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    Re: Team Speed?







     what good is speed when you have ONE move?

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    Re: Team Speed?

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    The B's didn't lose because Chicago was faster.

    They lost because Bergeron couldn't win a faceoff to save his soul in the later games, the older defensemen were injured and tired and players like Seguin couldn't find the back of the net.

    The fix?  Get Bergeron healthy, let the defensemen rest and replace Seguin.

    Done, done and done.


    I think that's one of your best posts NAS

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    Re: Team Speed?

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    In response to hangnail's comment:

    All true shupe but they just fixed the PP too so that's a huge added bonus




    How?  Did Julien promise under oath that he would keep Chara on the bench for all man advantage situations?


    If off the PP it would also give him some rest...He was burned out in the finals.

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    Re: Team Speed?

    In response to JWensink's comment:

    Speed is maybe a valid concern, but I'm thrilled with the changes. I'll take a guy who can deliver in front of the net, and I guy who can snipe it and is not afraid to keep the puck on his stick if someone is within five feet of him. I'd also consider Paille on the 3rd line fulltime, he's earned it, and he's got speed to burn. Put one of the yutes on the 4th line, and tell him to grind all out or back down for you buddy.

    My main concern is the PP. Jagr worked wonders on the wall with the man advantage, and I don't see anybody with that unique skill and creativity (M.Savard) on this roster, I do agree that Chara must give up PP ice time to Krug and Hamilton, he and Bergeron ...yes, Bergeron, aren't very good on the PP.

    Other than that - all jacked up that some emotional vampires are gone -

    I agree let the "yutes" earn there stripes on the 4th line. That is where Marchand played when he came up he earned his way off the 4th line.

    As for the PP i read where Eriksson does very well on the PP.

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    Re: Team Speed?

    I agree speed is critical, but Seguin and Pevs didn't do much with theirs last year.

    I'd put Paille on the third line and play the young guys on D as much as possible.