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    tell me again y RICHARD SHERMAN is an "urban thug" but JUSTIN BIEBER+SHAWN THORNTON aren't?

    i call it as  i see it. so many coded words.. i've seen the worse, most thuggish plays from so-called hockey goons incl samuelen, the dude who knocked out and prematurely ended poor savard's career, the other goon using his stick to knock out a guy, yet another attacking from the back like elton john and then thugishly driving his rival's face to the ground (breaking his neck) while mounting him from behind with total lack of remorse or concern.. yet none ever gets the sherman treatment. bet if he played hockey with the "right" pigment, it would b totally different.. just sayin.. sherman just talked trash after a game.. these guys do the most illegal, criminal stuff during the games.. how come noone expresses concern about how they are raised, the hime dynamics, is there a dad, what kinda da, bla bla.. just sayin!

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