Things that I've learned from reading the B's forum recently :

1. You can never have enough 'fire the coach' threads going at the same time .

2. Chara is a really bad captain because he hasn't taken the Bruins to the cup. With that in mind , Ray Bourque you stunk as a Bruin captain.

3. Kessel should be a shoe in for the Hall of Fame because of his 40 goals per year for the next 10 years pace he's on.

4. Julien would be a better leader if he showed more confidence in his interviews. Gawd, I miss Dave Lewis and his confident swagger.

5. Don't use the phrase 'puck moving defenceman' as it is offensive. Whoops , please don't report me !

6. Tim Thomas' beached whale, flopping style of goaltending will never work in the NHL.

7. PC should be able to trade his garbage for other teams best players and fit them under the cap.

8. North American defenceman who are the same size as Chara are absolute terrors in the league.

9. Brian Burke is a good GM because he is setting himself up to become the next GM of the Bruins.

10. And finally I've learned don't pay attention to everything you read !