"When it comes to describing the quality of a given draft year, there always seems to be a few prevailing cliches going in. "It's going to a bumper crop." "This looks like a weak class."

"This appears to be a draft that's deep in talent. The 1979 draft class had another important advantage - it was a 19-year-old draft. The NHL was lowering the age of eligibility from 19 to 18 and the move saw two years worth of picks to go in the same year. The best 18-year-old draft? That just might be the class of 2003."

2003 had a real good 2nd round as well, Loui Eriksson 33, Patrice Bergeron 45, Shea Weber 49, Dave Backes 62, Jimmy Howard 64. 1979 2nd round has Dale Hunter, Lindy Ruff, Dave Christian and Mats Naslund.

Which draft gets the nod ?