The 2 gms. with detroit = reality check

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    The 2 gms. with detroit = reality check

    If Boston are cup contenders this year and after watching these 2 gms. i would say our bruins are not near cup contenders. In the east I would rank them at 3 below Philly and TB( it was Pits. but no malkin and a concussed Crosby i think will drop this team down). Philly and TB advantage is coaching  where as the Bruins ?Undecided

    Boston played only 20 mins. of hockey against Det. and our record shows that Boston will have a tough go with the western con. teams. If the Bruins can get to the conference finals I would be splashing cold water in my face. The only Achilles heal for the bruins is gm. 7's. I know the play-offs is a differ season but our PP and d fence zone play is sickening. Chara in yesterdays gm. wash furious with the lack of help from the forwards back checking.Yell

    When was the last time the bruins won a gm. 7, I can't even remember?
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