With the 8th seeded Kings winning it all last year and all of the changes to Top teams next year, it'll be fun making predictions on who will be the Top 8 in the West to make it... Here is what I've got

Detroit:   No Lidstrom, Hudler, and Stuart.  Major questions on Def and aging forwards
LA:  No major changes. Virtually the same team.  Bruins blueprint.
San Jose:  No major changes
Minn:  Add Parise and Suter
Van:  Schneider, the new #1?  Garrison
Nash:  Lose Suter and Radulov (kinds never had him, anyway)
CBJ:  Maybe lose Nash
Dall:  Add Jagr, Whitney, and Roy.  Lose Ott and Ribiero
Phnx:  Who knows?  Add Sullivan.  Maybe lose Doan
Edm:  Add Nail
Chi:  No major changes, Kane trade potential?
Cal:  Add Wideman and Hudler
Col:  PA Parentau
St.L:  No major changes
Ana:  Maybe lose Ryan

With Ryan, Nash, Luongo,  and Doan all potentially moving, the landscape could change even more.  My Top 8 prediction (not in order) will be Edm., StL, Vanc, Det., Minn, Chi, SJ, and LA.     The teams contending for the 8th spot will be Ana., Nash., and Dall.  Teams with no chance are  CBJ, Cal, Col, and Pho