Stop rushing up the Rt. wing exclusively. They do most of the time. Take the puck to center ice
Use the  Center to make plays. Have one wing break  ahead to the goal on a 3 on 2 for a tip pass also creating a 2 on 1
Have the wings cut behind the center for drop passes. and screened shots.
Keep the puck down so there are second chance rebounds. There is nothing more disappointing than watching the Opp. Goalie make a glove save on a 3 on 2
Thomas needs to keep his glove hand higher and stop deflecting rebounds to the Caps.
Don't  use a slow Defenseman to carry the play on a PP.
Pass more quickly in the off end on the PP as the Caps pressure the puck carrier very agressively.
Make a pass and cut to the goal for a return pass
Win the rest of these series.
Go Bruins