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The Butterfly disadvantage

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    The Butterfly disadvantage

    I'm not knocking Rask on the goal. I think the B's would be in huge trouble & their record would be a losing one without him. This thread is a point out of a certaine style & it's the most popular & this is one of the main disadvantages of this.

    On the Knumble goal- A great shot & beats 99% of the goalie's in the league. IF this was against a standup goalie. The % of stopping this shot would increase. The reason this is? Instead of being already down while the puck is behind the net. (They're down to prevent a wraparound or a jam in along the post) While he's down he needs to have everyone  the team doing their job & covering their man. If, or when the puck gets passed out front which was this case on this goal. Rask has no chance to get back up & skate out to take away the angle. Stand up have a better chance, because you have the ability of getting a strong push outward which would have the body upright & pushing forward which causes more of the goalie's body able to get his shoulder or arm on it. This is where the hybrid ends up being the better style.  

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    Re: The Butterfly disadvantage

    You're totally right Hybrid is the best style. When I played in net I played mostly butterfly but I mixed some hybrid moves into my play. When the puck was behinde the net I always was in a stand up position hugging the post stick on the outside of the post untill the puck was around the corner, then i pushed out. Being down when the puck is behind the net, makes it easier for wraps but hard for everything else. I found it easier to drop down to a butterfly then to get up and trying to reposition. Lundqvist and Cam Ward are great examples of Hybrid goalies. They are probably a couple of the best goalies in the league.

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    Re: The Butterfly disadvantage

    Because of the ridiculous extenders at the tops of the leg pads and beside the skates, any size goalie can put his skates on the posts and have all six feet covered.

    Get rid of the absurd padding and the butterfly by default goalie goes away also.

     (And scoring goes up, which would be great so we don't have to sit though more boners like today's game vs. Philly.)