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    Yesterday around this time the game was starting and weise made a quick impact. Weise foor heaven's sake ,, a goon at best. It is a downer for sure eventhough we all live our lives seeing our team lose to the Scabs is just agonizing. i said it i wasn't confident for game 7 nowhere near the way i was for game 5 . Mtl fans were real confident about winning and they did. what could have been another month of hockey just stops ... abruptly. I am not and most fans are not the type to say it's ok and we will get them next year Hey we won a cup though and maintains our optimism something many fans were losing before 2011 and justifiably so. losing is one thing but losing to mtl ... it is a killer! nothing less.

    Scoring wa the problem that was the case vs wash as well . This is a series where a kessel or a kessel type would have sealed it for us. i suggested vanek and he would have made the difference. I noticed how many new posters came on during this game and understandbly so. This is what's all about not poster to poster conversations on little hockey matter.

    I would not trade any of the nucleus chances are we will not get equal value. Chia needs a great draft .. period. it has caught up to us. If the bruins were to make a trade it would be i hope some of our dmen who would go .

    The buck stops here for Mtl. i have no idea who will score for the rangers but they will win.

    I hope that at the very least Chia does not overestimate his team in the future . The pres trophy means nothing it is certainly not a precursor to playoff success. Personally the bruins to me looked as they were playing over their heads during the reg season .


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    Chara nearly maimed, no Seids, no Quaider and freshmen D proved to be just to much to make a deep run.   Get DK a winger, lock Smith in the gym for 3 months and find Yeti a winger and they're right back next year.


    “We don’t think it’s prudent for a student to wear a Boston Bruins jersey” -Mike Cohen, English Montreal School Board