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The Endgame

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    Re: The Endgame

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    What is your motivation for following this team?  Not, "why are you a fan of the team from Boston", but "what is your overall goal of following this team"?  What do you want from them?

    I think for some fans, nothing less than a Cup parade will do.  For me, well, I am a Bruins fan because I love the game of hockey.  I watch the games because I love the game of hockey.  I don't expect them to win the Cup.  I never do.  Of course I hope they will, but I also hope that gas prices will come down to a reasonable amount.  Sure, it's possible, but not probably.

    If they get out of the first round, I'll honestly be satisfied.  Just getting into the playoffs puts them in a more desireable situation than half the teams in the league.  Getting to the second round puts them in the Top 8.  I'm good with that.  Honestly.  I know how difficult it is for a team to win the Cup, but it also takes luck.  A lot of it.  Matchups have to be right.  Bounces have to right.  Unsung heros have to emerge.  Get to the second round and I'm honestly happy.

    It has been a fun season.  Rask has been great.  Marchand has really emerged.  Hamilton is looking like the real deal.  Jaromir Jagr is in town.  The Yeti has arrived.

    It has been a frustrating season.  Lucic's struggles.  Chris Bourque.  Jordan Caron.  Pandopho.

    Overall, it's a been a hockey season, and one that I'm glad I watched.  If the B's get booted in the first round, oh well.  I hope they don't, but if they do, OH WELL.  It was still a fun season.

    So, what is your endgame?  What's your motivation for following this team?

    After June 15th 2011, it changed my whole outlook. Honestly even if they lose to Vacouver  they had all won for me.

    Bruins fan since I was  6 years old in 74-75 Stanley Cup against Philly in a house of Canadians fans. I cried like a baby in 79 when Lambert scored. This Boston Bruins team has a pass now matter what they do. I had the priviledge to meet Patrice Bergeron through his brother. What gentlemen they are. Dan Paille, Milan Lucic, Johnny Boychuk, it was such a thrill to meet them all. When the Bruins won the Cup I swore that they had a life long pass . I still watch and hope they win this year, it's just all the frustration of throwing my Bruins jersey in disgust after they loast in previous years is gone.

    This is a great team to support and let's hope they can bring it home again.

    Go Bruins Go!!!


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    Re: The Endgame

    The sun will rise, the sun will set. I will watch hockey.

    Do I get bummed when the B's play lousy, sometimes yes I do, but it's not anything that is going to ruin my life or keep me from rooting for them.

    Best sport on earth.

    Winning the Cup is the hardest thing to accomplish in sport. If we endured all of the "1972..1972" nonsense, we can sure handle this.

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    Re: The Endgame

    After winning the cup in 2011 it is easy to want another one, especially since the core of the team is not to far removed from the cup winning one.

    However, life long fans remember the decades of frustration and embarrasment of short playoff runs scattered with some DNQ's....a reminder of how difficult it is to not only repeat as champions but even to remain competitive. This should always temper expectations.

    I would be satisfied wherever they end up this coming playoffs as long as the effort is there and the games are exciting.

    If the team gives it their all and still  lose to the Leafs, so be it.

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    Re: The Endgame

    To watch the team grow and change.  To be fascinated by the myriad stories that always weave their way through a hockey season.  To see the types of events that asmaha mentions (a big reason for liking the "History will be made" campaign).

    To try to gain a better understanding of events on the ice - which is also a primary reason for visiting here. 

    I'll be happy after a win.  I'll be annoyed after a loss.  I don't think of the season in terms of satisfaction.  I just want the excitement of watching events unfold, of seeing great plays, and of trying my best to will the Bruins to find a way to win.

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    Re: The Endgame

    Beating the Leafs would almost be as good as winning the cup for me,hate them with a passion,come on Bruin's please,please,i will loves use either way but please,please.

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    Re: The Endgame

    I follow the Bs in hopes that they win.  Not to lose.  They've been my team for 44 years.  Mostly losing in that time.  Yet I am still a huge fan.  Every year.

    I hate when they lose, and I am critical.  Part of the reason I read this board to get a different perspective and to see if my views are shared.  Lots of knowledgable/clever people here. 

    I also like the arguments, fights and name calling that go on here.  Often times by the same knowledgable people.  Thank you for all of it.

    I also follow the Habs in hopes that they lose.