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    In response to RichHillOntario's comment:

    Thankfully the curious officiating of Ghislain Hebert and Eric Furlatt will be elsewhere.

    Thats a very diplomatic way of looking at it RHO.

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    Finally Claude has noticed what we've all been saying. Replace Thornton with Pandolfo permanently. Pandolfo not only helps the 4th line, but he kills penalties very well as in the 4 minutes to Lucic. Bourque is also showing his limitations, and hopefully he will also be replaced. Seidenberg plays with experience, but he is slowing down, and Ference is also showing some degradation in his coverage. Should be a good game.

    Um....Pandolfo has played a grand total of 12 minutes in 2 games. Just an eentsy bit early to claim he "helps the 4th line and kills penalties very well". The guy has had 1:45 TOI total on the penalty kill - 2 shifts. Also, saying Seidenberg is slowing down is just plain bizarre. In what way is he slowing down? He continues to be 2nd on the team in time played, just like the past several years, and is rock solid while being a steady component to Hamilton's development.

    Cherry-pick problems all you want, but Pandolfo isn't The Answer, Seidenberg is still one of the best #2D in the league and Ference is not a liability. Weird post.

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    The Bruins have found a way to win this short season with great goal tending, defence and timely scoring, BUT look out the Habs are tied with us atop of the conference and this is a very big game for us on Sunday.

    The Bruins and Habs both are coming off back to backs with the Habs having the tougher time in losing in OT to the Pens in a high scoring game and that may help the Bruins at home. The B's have to use all they have in their arsinal to keep their hold on 1st and score as much as possible and on the PP.

    The Habs are much improved and the test for the Bruins and TR will be to play their game at a much higher level and be as physical as they can.

    A win for the Bruins vs the Habs will be the confidence boaster they need in this short season to be the stepping stone to get us the cup. It will also keep in 1ST.




                   GOOOOOOO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hype up thread? Maybe this game is that important to Montreal but not quite that huge for Boston. no team is good enough to rattle Bruins confidence. Juliens Bruins just look to play well and stay healthy and finish in a comforatable position. be it first overall or in the top 6 wont really matter come playoff time to a team like Boston.