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The truth hurts. Yeah, 40years points out the same thing over and over, but is he wrong? No. That score sheet he listed is a record of failure so stark any other franchise would be villified for it (at least in Boston.) But Bruins fans seem to give the ownership a pass each year. That's the part I don't get. Yeah, the cap has been implemented and Jacobs spends to it. So all of a sudden there's no accountability to the front office? It's all a matter of luck who wins the Cup each year b/c there's "parity" in the league now? Look, I'm pretty p*ssed off as of this post. I think most of us are. I was feeling good about this team during the 7-game win streak, but even then I didn't think they were capable of getting out of the 2nd round...and that's still not acceptable. Now, I'm looking at a first round exit which is just even more embarrassing. If you want to be ticked off at 40years for kicking a team when they're down, OK. But he's not wrong. And sooner or later the fans of this franchise should show some backbone and start clamoring for real and serious change that brings a Cup to this championship-starved franchise. Cuz this early playoff exit stuff has been old now for a long, long, LONG time.
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the bruins could win the cup, and you would still be convinced they can't make it out of the second round