the next step

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    the next step

    after all these moves made i think the next step is getting seguin on the second powerplay unit. he needs the expirience and i thikn it would get his confidence up as he would be taking more shots and get more oppertunities to score. i dont udnerstand why they havent tried this yet anyways, they have campbell on the powerplay over seguin which makes no sense to me at all, thoughts about seguin on the powerplay? agree/disagree?
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    Re: the next step

    I think that would be a good option, but it may be just a question of who is hot and who isn't.  Sort of hard sitting one of these names on the Wings: 

    PP1:  Lucic Kreichi Horton

    PP2:  Ryder, Bergeron, Recchi

    PP1 is the power PP.  PP2 is more of the crafty version of a PP with Recchi or Bergeron working the sidewall.

    I don't get why some are so infatuated with speeding Seguin's development along.  The kid just turned 19. Plenty of time.

    Not against him seeing some PP time, but this team is also in a playoff race and looking to go deep.
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    Re: the next step

    Seguin will need the experience in the future.  The B's need the wins now.