I think the first few days have shown how sanity can be lost when GMs have 4 or so million more than they thought they would to work with. Here is my best guess

Krejci - Long term, 6 mill, maybe 6.5. Someone would be willing to overpay, and big time. He would be the second best forward on the market. Granted, he was an RFA, so this is just what I bet he would get were he a UFA.
Kelly - I really don't know. It's tough to know until we see what Jokinen gets as the best center on the market. If Gaustad gets 3.25 million, I can easily see Kelly getting close to 5. I think 4 would be the starting point of discussions. Crazy. 
Peverley - His injury troubles might have knocked him down a bit, but I seriously doubt he wouldn't get offered a $4MM deal. Again, Crazy.
Campbell. I honeslty think he is just a shade worse than Gaustad, so maybe 2.75 million or something around there? I guess I would predict 2.5
Paille - Probably between 1.75-2
Thornton - no comment
McQuaid - I think he would have gotten more than Zanon, maybe 2.6 per year or something. 
Boychuk - My mind is blown by the deals given to D men so far. Garisson at 4.6 is absurd, and Wideman at 5.25 is just crazy. I don't like Boychuk's game all that much, but I would rather have him than Wideman. I would assume he would get somewhere around what Garisson got.

What on earth is going on in this league