The Prodigal!

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    [QUOTE]bogie - Seguin.  This happens to many first-year rooks - Tavares went through a soul-crusher of a slump.  We even saw it with Wheeler in his first year too - great first half then K-rash - and he was older.
    Posted by Bookboy007[/QUOTE]

    Exactly!! And we are no strangers to this at all! Remember Jumbo Joe's rookie season stats?? 3G, 4A = 7 PTS!!! oh, and a -6 to boot!!
    He's actually on pace to match Bergy's rookie season pts total of 39!!!
    He's 18 people! Give him time.
    I know it's frustrating because we all know the kind of talent this kid has but he needs to find him comfort zone and that will not happen immediately.
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    Re: The Prodigal!

    Re: The Prodigal!

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    And yes, I watch every game you combative twit.

    THAT is too funny---lol!