The Rask Dilemma

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    Re: The Rask Dilemma

    You can be sure that Rask will not be seen in this series, barring an injury or total meltdown.  TT did not have a single bad game that last series although there was a goal or two he'd like to have back.  The media overplayed it and remember- the guy won 3 games in OT- playing the other tender neck-to-neck   and getting the best of him even when there was a negative return with the PP.
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    Re: The Rask Dilemma

    Goalies with two different styles does not make the team better in a game where mistakes on a line change can cost you a goal.  Thomas is net like said above until he stinks out the joint or ...  I am tired of hearing of injuries, so I won't say it.  Go Bs.