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The Strange Tales of "Jordy" Caron

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    The Strange Tales of "Jordy" Caron

    Thought about this first when I thought it would be an epitaph for Caron's career in Boston; now it looks like Caron has about a 50/50 chance of spending another year in the NHL and - get this - if he plays all 82 this time, he'll be half way to a pension.

    Caron has become, it seems deservedly, the living symbol of the current regime's draft failings, picking up the mantle from Zack Hamill on his way to the KHL.  Measured against the usual expectations of a first round pick and a #1 C in the QMJHL, Caron has to be considered a failed pick.  Objectively, it may be a little harsh to call a guy who has played 123NHL games  a total bust. 

    Only 16 guys drafted after Caron have played more than 100 games (including Reilly Smith).  The average career for guys drafted in 2009 is only 87 games, making Caron above average in that respect. He is below average though in what he's done with those games, both in goals and in total points - but the difference is one goal and 6 points.  C- rather than C, then.  Considering he has been on one of the top teams in the league during his career, rather than a bottom feeder with lots of open jobs, his games played is actually a little impressive.  A very little, but still.

    Two things about the life of Caron that are What If...s.  He got blown up at the WJHC camp by Colten Teubert.  It broke his clavicle and cost him a few games of the Q season that year.  If you watch the play, Caron gets crushed racing out on the breakout.  He's skating hard, gets up to speed quickly, but the pass has him looking back and Teubert steps up - he's the left defenseman and he makes the hit just to the left of the right faceoff dot.  I've never seen Caron charge around the ice with the kind of quickness he shows on that play, and I wonder if it got into his head as well as his collarbone.

    The second one: remember when it seemed like he might be a viable prospect with 22 points in his first 71 games?  He had 5 of those points in back to back games against the Rangers and Leafs in 2012.  He was bouncing between the second and third lines with Horton out.  Nothing flashy, just a hard working kid who seemed to be reliable defensively with some offense in there somewhere.  Then...lockout.  I think PC had acknowledged that Caron's progress was good and they had him pencilled in for the Boston roster, then with the lockout, he's off to the AHL.  You can almost hear the conversation.  Go down and work on your game.  Show us you can be dominant at that level, and when the lockout's over, we're counting on you to earn a spot.  What does Caron do?  Wets his pants.  11 goals in 47 games in Providence.  7 assists.   Who knows why he was so ineffectual - lack of interest, arrogance, lack of talent...- the point is he was bad enough he played himself out of the Bruins' plans.  Eventually he got into 17 games, but as a fill in.  Any good will he'd built up in the past was barely enough to keep him in Boston.

    Ditto last year.  He came out playing like a real boy, but went back to wooden puppet after two or three games.  Then he was scratched.  And then he went most of the year scoring 0 points.  1 goal in the first week, 2 assists in the final few weeks, and nothing in between.

    Like Hamill before him, there have been some flashes of a possible player, but I can't say I can think of one good pass he made all year.  He takes the body, though no one will fear him.  He could very well cling to a fourth line job in the NHL for a few more years, and PC could very well Bitz him - that is, send him somewhere for a Seidenberg and Bartkowski.  Maybe Benning takes him?  And if that happens for a couple more years, he might hit that magic 400 game mark where, when looking back at Bruin draft history in ten years time, we'll wonder how the heck that happened and wonder if we should count him as a draft success or a failure.



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    Re: The Strange Tales of


    "wow,check out all of the losers in here......"

    -Gerry Dee

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    Looking at the #25 picks, there are plenty of misses.  For example, Greg Nemisz & Patrick White were drafted in the #25 spot in the years prior to JC.  Caron has actually played slightly more NHL games (123) than AHL games (111) for a very good organization.

    Point is, this is hardly a spot were you can expect a sure thing.  Overall, Caron has been a disappointment as a player, however, in terms of the value of pick, PC did ok.  Maybe give him a C/C+ for the pick.

    The thing that jumps out at me, and book touched on this, is how ineffective he has been in the AHL.  In 111 AHL games, he is 27-32-59.  Guys like Spooner & Khokhlachev are near point per game players for the PBruins, while Griffith & Cunningham are very productive.  Krejci, Marchand put up solid point totals as well, as did Reilly Smith for the Texas Stars.  In contrast, Caron is barely a half point per game player in the AHL.  This tells me that a 234 pro game sample, JC's QMJHL offensive game has not translated to the pros.  He is a guy fighting for an NHL job in the bottom-6.

    He is what he is.  Hopefully, he will be doing it somewhere else next year.


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    Re: The Strange Tales of

       IMO, anyone drafted after the 1st 1/2 of the 1st round, is a crap shoot at best, to ever make a significant contribution to the team that drafts him.

    I would never consider a 25th pick that played over a 100 NHL games, to be a failure.

    A failure to me, would be Scott Glennie, taken 8th overall, by Dallas, who to this point, has a grand total of 1 NHL game.

    Meanwhile, 30 picks later, Dallas's pick has become part of a trade to bring them a former #1 overall, in Jason Spezza.

       I remember reading an article, trying to find information on the players involved in the Seguin trade (and trying to find reasons not to hate it), that Boston actually were thinking about taking Reilly Smith with the 25th pick, but had hopes he might slip to the 3rd round, and new Caron would be picked in the 1st or 2nd.

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    In response to Crowls2424's comment:

    The thing that jumps out at me, and book touched on this, is how ineffective he has been in the AHL.  In 111 AHL games, he is 27-32-59.

    You can add the NHL to his resume of ineffectiveness. As you stated, being a 25th overall pick,nothing is guaranteed,but in his attempts at securing full-time NHL employment he has done nothing on a consistent basis,other than being inconsistent, to warrant it. I hope he gets traded and the B's can salvage a pick for him and maybe he can salvage his career somewhere else. There are enough "Jordy" Caron's in Providence that would love a chance to take his spot and maybe make more of the opportunity.

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    "The thing that jumps out at me, and book touched on this, is how ineffective he has been in the AHL."

    Caron acted like he didn't need to be there and didn't want to be there. From what I heard, Cassidy had nothing good to say about him. Mark Divver even touched on it more than a few times on twitter.

    I still see Caron ending up on a 4th line somewhere though. He has the size and is cheap enough to grind it out for 9 minutes a game.

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    I remember seeing a video bit maybe two years ago of Caron doing some hard training with Bergeron in Quebec. Was on the Bruins' official site. I thought "Okay. This guy means business. Look at who he's training with. Finally he makes an impact." No.

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    Caron is and has been a waste of space on the B's roster....

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    Re: The Strange Tales of


    The only reason that Caron has played over 100 games in the NHL is that the Bruins have drafted so badly that they never had anyone else ready to come up from Providence, until Spooner. Caron would never have played more than a handful of games for Pitt, Detroit, Montreal, LA, Chicago, St. Louis, or almost any other really good team.


    I thought I was wrong once, but I realized I was mistaken.

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    Re: The Strange Tales of

    Not true, OEC.  Every team has a Caron.  Chris Porter has played 30 more games than Caron and has 1 fewer point in his career.  St. Louis rolls him out for between 22 and 47 games every year since 2011.  Pittsburgh used to roll out Richard Park, Joe Vitale, and Craig Adams - all of them Caron-like in terms of production.  In Caron's best year (7-8-15 in 48 games), Montreal rolled out gems like Mathieu Darche (61 games, 12 points) and Louis Leblanc (former 1st rounder drafted 7 spots higher in 2009 than Caron, career total of 50 games and 10 points), and they went out and traded from Pete Nokelainen.  In 2011-12, Chicago got less production out for Frolik and Jamal Mayers than the Bruins got from Caron.  Playoff hero Brian Bickell had 15 points in almost 60 games for them last year.  Trevor Lewis, Jordan Nolan and Kyle Clifford were all between 8 and 11 points for the Cup champion Kings.  Colin Fraser was most Caron-like, though, with 2 assists in his 33 games.

    The only difference here is that Caron was a first round pick. Most of these guys were not.  It doesn't change the fact that every team has a Caron - a guy who is almost invisible production-wise but plays his games.


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