The take on the Tampa game

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    oeo, right on, Chara was awful. BB, nice try at amelioration, but no sale. Too often this season, the Bruins have not been ready to play. Readiness comes from coaching. There are some necessary changes like Ryder for Savard. One concern might be that if Wheels goes back on the wing he will not be as effective as he has become at center. He still falls down too easily for a big guy. Recchi should be on the 4th line with Marchand and Campbell plus on the PP. That should keep him more rested. Savvy might look good with Seguin and Wheeler or flip-flop with Kreji. Savvy coming back does not look like an easy fit. Also Hunwick, Ference, and Stuart are nowhere near stability. Tampa is supposed to be weak on defense and still looked better than the B's defense. No time for napping Mr. Chiarelli.
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    This is why I prefaced my post by saying I'm not entirely sure I buy it either - or rather, if I think that seeing the poor starts etc. as part of a grand scheme really off-sets the problems we've seen.

    That said: I take the position that if you need a coach to get you motivated to play in the NHL, you probably aren't long for the NHL.  Motivation and emotional preparation has to come from within, not without.  I would only charge the coach with the team's ill-preparedness if I thought the problem was bad strategy.  And yeah, in the playoffs when the Bruins had to know the Canes and then the Flyers were trying to anticipate those D to D passes and formulaic breakouts, I do lay the blame on the coach for not preparing the team to feast on that aggressiveness.  These flat starts - the lack of readiness isn't strategic, it's emotional.  I'd want the players to look in the mirror before I'd look at CJ.

    As for Wheeler's supposed effectiveness - except for the last two games, he hasn't scored more or generated any more scoring chance out of the pivot than he did as a winger.  I posted this the other day when he was behind every forward but Thornton and Campbell in scoring.  He goes back to wing when Savard comes back.  End of story.  Unless he starts a new story somewhere else.

    When Recchi's on, he's still one of the tone-setters for this team.  That's part of the problem.  Someone else has to step up and outplay him before I'd be comfortable with your plan.  I agree, though, that it would be ideal to use Recchi's spot and 4th line RW as two sides of a coin.  When Rex is feeling it, keep him with Bergeron and Seguin/Caron.  When he's feeeling out of it, 4th line and give someone else those minutes.
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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

    Thanks for the perspective you provided in your first post, Bookboy.  That is the way that I thought Julien approached the regular season last season.

    It is good to see points of view like this after a disappointing loss.  It beats grabbing a torch and joining the mob to run CJ out of town.
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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

    It's hard to win when your allegedly best player is stumbling around, out of position, turning the puck over and being physically challenged by people half his size. 

    Unless Chara was sick or injured last night, he was exposed, big-time.

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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

    I still feel too many fans have a "football" mentality.  If an NBA or NHL coach were to be all "fire and brimstones" before every game to pump the players up, he would be unemployed by the holidays.  There are just too many games.  There is an ebb and flow to the season.  Ups and downs. 

    I think bookboy is pretty much right on: CJ is just trying to win the war.  And that means picking your battles.  While it sounds great to say that you're trying to win every game - and that is true, you TRY to win every game - winning a Monday night game in Tampa in November may not be as high on the list of importance as say, getting the HuLK line going again; or finding the right partner for Chara; or finding more creative breakouts.  The season's long-term goals don't begin until April.  For now, it's just about trying to get better in all facets of the game. 

    Patience young grasshoppers.

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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

    i was expecting this down south trip .oh lets relax and try to get a split enjoy the sun ,they will win vs the panthers
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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

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    Re: The take on the Tampa game

                        "lack of puck moving defense(man)"

    Terrible, terrible defense Thomas saves the Bruins bacon once again. Merrimack College's defense could breakout out of their own zone better than the Bruins against the Panthers. Ray Bourque please report to Risticcia for tutoring!

       "When Recchi's on, he's still one of the tone-setters for this team."

    And that's why PC resigned ye ol geyser he still brings it to show Wheeker, Caron, Seguin, Lucic and Horton lately how it's done but he's not a mentor by example though...yah right.

    I'll still go back to a win is a win is a win no matter how they did it. This will not play so well against Montreal, Detroit, Kings, Tampa's or San Jose's of the NHL Boston will get crushed. They play like the 2 games against Washington and Pittsburgh earlier this season the Bruins might be in business again. Julien needs to fix the defense or go to Chiarelli n say "I can't win with this dookie!"