1. Our PP is awful and has been for quite some time, that is the most obvious problem. We need a proven passing type of D man to pair up with Chara to help boost that area immediately. Missing Horton also hurt. He was clutch last year in the playoff run with bigtime goals. 
2. We are missing a Vet. Can anyone say not having a Recchi type didn't hurt?

Outside of that the Bruins don't have any major needs. You have to give the Caps alot of credit. The kid Holtby was awesome. We all know facing a hot goalie in the NHL playoffs can be deadly, let alone against a team with a PP that is just plain pathetic. 
The B's outhit, and outshot the Caps. The Caps outblocked, had more scoring chances, and had a better PP than the B's. Caps deserved the win. Great series, was one of the best i can EVER remember, all games decided by 1 goal, 4 overtimes in a 7 games series. The B's are still young and have flexibilty and will be in the playoff picture for years to come. I will enjoy watching them compete year after year thanks to PC. Just a little sad the season ended early. Well done Caps.