Well, Chiarelli mentioned it would be a process to get the bruins into the championship ways. This is the fifth year and it's not looking too rosy and i'm not talking Ruzicka..  What will the sheep say when this year becomes another typical bruin year :

1)Oh peter meant 5 years to make the playoffs , we already exceeded that!
2) we would have won the cup if it wasn't for the injuries!!

The grace period is over folks at least in winners' mindset city, boston bruins being the exception of course. It"s like the sinatra song Ny, Ny , ..if u can make it ny u can make it anywhere, Well there's a little twist in that song for us bruins. If you can't make it elsewhere you can still make it in boston..  We give hope to the incompetent and the untalented

Julien i am sure will attest to that.....