Thomas and Chara

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Thomas and Chara :   Your use of the name Lurch says you're just not a fan of this guy.  No big deal.  He's got plenty in this forum.
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    And thats the bottom line. Referring to him as "Lurch" means you dislike the guy, which makes your silly claims about being overrated understandable.  of course everyone/anyone can be traded, but this particular team is built around Chara and the defensive system, and there simply isnt a more feared defender in the NHL.

    Plenty of people have biases that affect their perspective on certain players. I sure have. In this case, you're just off the charts off base on Chara.
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    Re: Thomas and Chara

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Thomas and Chara : So what your saying is that Lurch is untouchable and not open for discussion.
    Posted by mitchco98[/QUOTE]
    So you're what, like 11 yrs. old? At least cactus,null and the other chimps are overt trolls
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    Re: Thomas and Chara

    Sig line.  The premise is thoroughly flawed - Chara will get the Bruins a lot so trade him!

    If you can see a potential trade that makes the Bruins significantly better, then no one is untouchable.  But in trading away the linchpin of your team, it is virtually impossible to say whether disrupting the team's identity will undermine the positives you get from whoever comes back.  And who would it be?  All I can think is that if you want a forward or forwards, there's a very long track records of teams trading a star forward for a star D where the team that acquires the D clearly wins the deal.  Chelios for Savard comes to mind.  Stevens for Shanahan (though that was an FA compensation deal, if I remember correctly).  Even Ramage for Hull - Calgary got a Cup, St. Louis got a lot of goals, but Hull didn't get anywhere in the playoffs until he was winding down in Dallas.

    Trading stars because they'll never be more valuable is for expansion teams and rebuilding teams.  Not for teams in the famous "Cup window".

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    Re: Thomas and Chara

    When you look at the reason a player like Gretzky was traded ( money ), and the way Richards and Carter were dispatched ( no cup ), then I would have a hard time believing that the Bruins would even entertain trading away Chara or TT. As I said before though, all it takes is the right GM with the right player personal and all bets are off. If that did happen it better be a better return than what we got back in the Jumbo Joe deal.
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    Re: Thomas and Chara

    Stuke bear in mind that moving Joe made room for Chara and Savard. So indirectly had that not happened (which seemed like a salary dump) we wouldn't have the team we have now.