I know my recent post was my " last thoughts on thomas".

NYI scenario the owner Wang is fed up with Dipietro life contract pretty well a write off. Only played 172 gms. since signing with Islanders. Nabokov contract is good for another season. If the NYI took on TT's contract and still waited a year for Thomas to play they will have a vet goalie to fill in the shoes when Nabokov contract expires. The trade could go Thomas for 6th or 7th rd pick straight up. NYI has 16 roster players signed with low cap floor.

FLD scenario Theodore is signed for one more season then his contracts expires and the panthers do not have a back goalie for this season. Thomas takes the year off can still play 2014 -15 season in FLD. The trade Thomas and Kudo for picks and Fld. will have a back up goalie for Theodore. Fld. 16 players signed with aprox. 30 mill to spend. Once this deal is done Bst can sign rask long term and a vet back up goalie for 1 year bargain price.

COL scenario Varlamov is signed until 2014 -15 and Gigeure is signed for one more season. Thomas can still take the year off be close to the team that took on his contract and Thomas has a residence in Colorado playthe 2014 -15 season with the Rockies and be close to his family. The trade Thomas for pick 6th 0r 7th pick.
Colorado only has 13 players signed on the roster and still have a lot of work ahead on them but at least their goalie dilemma will be OK for 2 years.

The bruins mngt. will have to face the facts no matter where or what happens with TT the bruins will be on the thin end of the stick.