While Chara, Bergeron and Lucic played well and they got two nice goals this game was won by Thomas. His netminding was money when they needed him. TB are scratching their heads. They outplayed and outshot Boston all three periods; It was Thomas who was the real difference. Meanwhile the uncertainty is on TB's side since they don't know who will be in net next game. Thomas haters are clueless and nonsensical.

Putting Chris Kelly with Seguin is silly. Kelly is too slow and has no offensive skills at all. Keep him a 3rd or 4th line checker please.

B's got into their bad habit of not getting a shot on net when they have a chance. This is always in evidence when they don't play well. Too many chances ruined by either overpassing, overhandling or just flubbing. Just shoot it! Smith was nothing special. TB will go back to Roloson.

Chara was rock solid all over the ice. The Chara haters here are just as nonsensical as the Thomas haters.