Thomas vs Rask

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    No, Thomas will not get worn out. Something about having the season of your life does wonders to energize and fortify a guy. It never wore out Hasek or Brodeur Yes, Rask will get starts If Julien absolutely had to give Rask a start against the Red Wings this weekend, it shoulda been the other way around. Rask should've started the Sunday game. This way Thomas would've gotten ahead of Howard in wins, and Detroit would be compelled to start Howard twice. Rask would have had less pressure to perform and Howard more. I know Thomas' individual stats are not Julien's concern - but in this case - a special goalie having a special season - they oughta be. Thomas shoulda been head-to-head with Howard last night. Claude's not alone. A lotta coaches don't know how to handle goalies
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    Hasek never played any play-off the way he did in the regular season! Yes Buff went to the cup in 99', but "the dominator" didn't dominate the same way. He's admitted that he was too TIRED by the 4th round! Adrenaline can only last so much! TT will tire by the 3rd if he doesn't rest more!
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    Re: Thomas vs Rask

    OK, well then, the goalie who beat ol tired Hasek in the 6th game of the '4th Round' in 1999 was ol tired Ed Belfour

    Belfour had played 61 Regular Season games and 23 Playoff games.

    Hasek played 64 Reg. season games and 19 Playoff games that year.

    If Rask doesn't start another game this season, Thomas will have played 64 games.

    If the Bruins don't get past the 3rd Round it won't be because Tim Thomas is too tired

    If the Bruins make the Playoffs.