As a person and a teammate he is one of the top dogs of the NHL, as a player not so much is an understatement.

His position and contract will complete this year, he got his biggest bucks here, he is repected by Pc first and Cj 2nd, he will complete his year and be moved into relations of some sort. He will be 35 when he retires with hopefully his first hat trick, that of 3 rings. He has been a crowd pleaser wherever he has played, his stint in St John's with the Leafs was awesome, that is when he could really throwem.  I got too see a few of his bouts and my eldest aLeafs fan (Shush now) was given a puck by him and Doug Doul on separate occasions.

PC and Cj like to bring their players through at a rate they think is proper, this year much to my chagrin Spooner and Knight will get another year in the minors, they were not 1st rounders after all, Sauve and Arniel et al will see the majority of their time in Prov as there is still dev for them there. Injuries is the only way any of our youth hopefuls get a shot this year except maybe Caron that is just the writing on the wall.  Ryder will be resigned, I will be shocked if he is not, leaving only the Sav position with a possibility to be open in Sep and not in Dec.

So we will all beotch and complain all summer about which will get the nod and which will not, but without a lights out performance all will be where they were last year.

Next year with Kell, Pail, Camp, Thorn and Pev at term for contract expect to see new blood, it could even happen during the year if the younguns are lighting it up and the B`s are not pressing like they should with the present cast, Pc is getting the handle on pulling the switch and knows it is easier than he thought to make changes as witnessed in last years run.

Thorn will finish here in Bos unless he feels he can get an offer elsewhere and that is quite possible as believe it or not, not all GM`s are genuises and they like their unskilled dancing clowns.