1) I hope Marchand finds the back of the net before he snaps and starts wielding his stick like a war axe and tries to McSorely someone (used to be a bigger hockey fan).

2) Game 1 it seemed Chicago made a point to hit everyone, and especially Lucic. And they did. I've never seen Lucic laid on his a s s like he was that game. To his credit, he got up smiling every time. Game 2 he came out with a VENGEANCE! They awoke a monster that NOBODY has an answer for when he's playing like this.

3) Tuukka is incredible. As good as Thomas was in 2011...Tuukka, to me, has been even better. Of his 5 goals allowed:

-1 was redirected.

-1 was redirected TWICE

-1 was off a turnover and he had slim-to-NO chance to stop

-2 were legit, solid goals

All that in 9 periods of play that counted for only 2 games (technically 10 periods, but about 180 min)

4) I like Chicago. That makes me enjoy this series MORE. I know I'm in the minority, but I believe in the "Sportsmanship" of sports. I want to go up against the best, and win cleanly to show I'M the best. For anyone who has seen 'Goon', I think Sean William Sott's character displays that perfectly. I may smash your face in, but I'm going to do it on the up-and-up, and I'll shake your hand afterwards, even if I get my face smashed. "You ready to go...Yes, thank you for asking."

If Chicago wins this series, I'll say good for them, good for their players, and Chicago has suffered long enough. Unlike against Vancouver, had they won, I'd have wanted to gut someone. That's not fun for me. I can enjoy this series and appreciate these guys playing hard, and playing clean. 2 goaltenders are puting a display on I can't recall an equal to.

This is fun. Can't wait for Game 3!!!!!!!!!