Sabres should have won. They were the better team for most of the game. Thanks to that terrible cough-up by Weber and to the right guy Horton.

The 4th line won't get credit from the fans but they were the reason the Sabres coughed it up and Horton tied it. Their hard work and smart forechecking had Buffalo disoriented.

I thought the biggest difference in that game was that when Buffalo got a chance they made sure they got a shot on Thomas while the Bruins overpassed (esp. Savard and Wheeler) or just plained flubbed it.

Thought Thomas was the better goalie tonight. Both are great but the Sabres had the better chances over a longer period. Miller was mostly needed in the last 7 minutes.

That blistering slapper by Vanek that hit the post in the 3rd was actually a save by Thomas. Had he not gotten a piece of it, then it would have gone in. beautiful shot, even better save.

Savard may have his wind but he was making all kinds of wrong decisions until late when his game improved as they got more desperate.

I wish we had Vanek.