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Tim Thomas: KEEP or TRADE?

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    Tim Thomas: KEEP or TRADE?

    He's 38.  That's the bad part.

    He's won us a Cup, picked up 2 Vezina's, and has solidfied the goaltending for this team for the last half-decade.

    What is his contract situation?  One more year and he's a UFA?  Do we honour his contract to the end out of "respect" ? 

    He would be the logical backup to Tuukka Rask but would he accept the #2 role?

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    Re: Tim Thomas: KEEP or TRADE?

    What would I do? I'd trade him for a legitimate offensive threat and hand the reigns to Tuukka and Anton.

    What would be ideal? He and Tuukka share time this year, and co-exist peacefully and are both happy with their roles. They both play well, and both love the city of Boston so much that they both want to retire as Bruins. Timmy plays lights out for an other 3 years, and Tuukka relishes the opportunity to be labeled "the future" until he's 27 years old.

    What do I think will actually happen? The Bruins will likely listen to the fanboys, and will keep Timmy T around for next year. Tuukka won't sign a long-term deal, but instead the one year tender (I believe that's how it works in hockey, no?). He'll put up similar stats, as will Tuukka, and Tuukka will become disheartened and will want out of town. Timmy will re-sign (probably for a year or two) and will stink out the joint in '13-'14, and we'll be able to get a bag of pucks for Timmy in a trade. We then turn to Anton Khudobin (if we're lucky) and Michael Hutchinson, and we start from square one in goaltending, where we search for the journeyman goaltender playing professionally in Europe to take us to the Cup again.

    That's seriously what I envision when I see people saying "keep Timmy".
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    Re: Tim Thomas: KEEP or TRADE?

    there are alreay 2-3 threads just like this one.