Here's a thought: Tim Thomas, Jared Knight, a conditional 2nd round pick in 2013 (based on if TT plays or not) to Detroit for Justin Abdelkader and Riley Sheahan?

What the Bruins should like about what they're getting: in Abdelkader, an RFA, who fills some/perhaps all of the Chris Kelly/Gregory Campbell hole(s). Sheahan competes for those jobs as well, while check a lot of the Bruin boxes: compete, size, smarts, character.

As for Detroit, TT (and Knight for that matter) at the very, very least is a local boy comes home story, which is money in the bank for both team and player. By playing, TT would push Howard to a new level, or push him back to sitting on the bench. And together their cost is smaller than their cap hit.

And if Thomas, thanks to his FFF cheering section - or whatever, shoots the lights out in Detroit...then we'll see him in the finals next year...(if there's any hockey?!?)