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Time to get Kaberle?

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    Re: Time to get Kaberle?

    Maybe this explains why they've had no need for an enforcer since the days of Darren McCarty. 

    You really don't need one when you have a team that has beautiful "puck management" as this team does.
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    Re: Time to get Kaberle?

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    PP is vital for playoff success. Kaberle feeding Chara would be a nice option for sure.  I belive it would likely cost Wheeler and a 2nd rounder. I say spice it up.  Land Versteeg/Kaberle and give them Wheeler and our 1st rounder.  With Malkin gone for the year and Crosby hurt the drive to the final goes through Philly.  I would argue that we could be the 2nd best team in the east with Washington and Pitts injuries.  Make a run this year.
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    I watched the Leafs/Buffalo game last night and Kaberle was the Leafs lone bright spot.I still see Burke prying a 1st out of somebody for him.The deal you're talking sounds interesting for sureand you're right.This is the year to roll the dice and go for it all.
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    Re: Time to get Kaberle?

    The draft this year is wilde open for picks 1 - 10 we could get a good player  so lets hold on to that  Toronto pick.

    Go B's
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    Re: Time to get Kaberle?

    While I agree with many posters thoughts on the appropriate "value" for Kaberle, I think you're missing one HUGE point.

    He is an UFA at the end of the year and he has a NO TRADE clause.

    HE's also said he'd only move it if the team was an Eastern conference team that had a chance of winning in the playoffs.

    SO...that greatly limits Burke's options.

    Pitt is out since they are set on D and hurting on O
    Philly doesn't need a D man and is close on cap dollars.
    Caps have the dollars but do they really want two somewhat irresponsible (defensive minded D men) on the team at once (Green/Kaberle)?
    TBay is too far south for him.
    Carolina is no threat.

    SO basically it's us, MTL or the Rangers.
    Thats' not a lot of teams to leverage a deal out of for Burke and the other GM's know it. So I think the ultimate price will be a lot lower than you think.
    Now..if he IS packaged with Versteeg than that will change some things as some of the teams above need F help as well.

    I can see a scenario such as...the team deals a 2nd rounder and maybe a "B level" prospect to Toronto with a clause stating that if he re-signs with the team that gets him (say the Bruins for example) then the pick is upgraded to a 1st (ours)..that way if he's a rental we only lose a 2nd rounder. If he resigns he's obviously worth more to us then and thus we'd give up our first..

    We'll see, but I think he's going to either stay put in Toronto (thus pissing off their fans who see him leave for nothing after two years of trade talk) OR a deal in which the Leafs fans are also ticked about b/c the value coming back is low in their opinion.