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Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    I don't know if the Bruins have the roster to be consistently physical and in-your-face.  About half the D can exact a price, but other than the 4th line, I think Lucic is the only hammer on the roster - and the 4th line's not big.  Horton has size but hasn't been a hitter since junior.  Bergeron is a precision hitter - he picks his spots for some doozies, but it would mean a significant change in his game if you wanted him to hit regularly.  Krejci and Ryder will rub guys out on the boards, but you wouldn't say they punish guys.  Wheeler's nickname should be "excuse me" (though I still like Proud Mary - Big wheel keep on turning - away from contact).  Seguin avoids initiating contact.  Savard's tiny.  Recchi couldn't play a whole season of "recching ball" hockey.

    A different coach could get more hits and more grit out of this lineup, for sure.  If you told Bergeron to hit more, he'd look for hits.  If you kept the pressure on Ryder to move his feet and play physically, he could do it as well as he did against the Sabres last spring.  Some big cracks there.  Horton would have to be convinced.  Savard's willing but will never be more than a nuisance hitter.  Seguin has a long road on this front.

    The biggest problem with "be a tougher team" though?  They wouldn't be as sound defensively.  Exacting that physical toll means playing at a higher tempo than your opposition.  Any time they trump you in tempo, you're out of postion and ripe for the picking.  Given the trouble this team has scoring, I don't think giving up defensive progress is a good idea.

    As much as I, too, covet a lineup with more iron in it's back, I think this group will have to be satisfied with showing that they choose to play the game like chess even though they can play like animals.  That means losing it from time to time.
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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    I'm not a big old-timey fistacuffs guy, but something needs to be done about the Flyers.  I am sick and tired of that pack of thugs.  I'm gonna gag a little as I type this, but maybe you do bring up McGratton for the next Flyers game...or tell the guys you have there now to make it a statement game.
     I'm ready for the B's to say heck with the wins & points for 5 games! And bring both McGrats & Reich! Doesn't matter who they play! Just make a line of Grats, Thorts & Reich. I know that'll never happen, but that's where my patience has run dry on this issue! Tired of teams taking liberties on my favourite team & nobody doing anything about it!

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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

     (though I still like Proud Mary - Big wheel keep on turning - away from contact)

    The most long and difficult to say but yet still awesome nickname of all time goes to BB.
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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    I'm not sure where the idea of some players as " softies" comes from. Anyone who has played or coached at any, and moreso in the advanced, levels of hockey, realize that hockey REQUIRES strength, conditioning, and physical capabilities. This does not mean that everyone adds boxing lessons to their training. At the same time, legal checks are a mainstay in NHL hockey. Some of the Bruins do it better than others. Boychuck, McQuaid, Chara,Lucic,Bergeron, Campbell, Marchand, Stuart, Ference, Seidenberg, and last but not least Thornton. We also have heard that Claude has restrictions primarily on Lucic and Chara. We have not watched enough of Seguin, but Kreji, Horton and Savard are not known for forceful checks, although Horton does come thru at times; Ryder checks once in a great while and Rechi's checks have diminished at his current age. Finally, Wheeler doesn't know how to check. So, who do you want to label as " soft" and have Cam berate them??? The current rules, which are applied with very little consistency game to game, are geared to take rules offenders off the ice. In this scenario Claude tends to play more within the rules which also severly restrict defensemen from cross-checks and other " intimidating " activity. If you are not happy with today's game, which should be played on a larger ice surface, go and watch those 300 lb football guys maim each other[ average career= less than 5 years]
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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    does any one on these post watch other games?? The Flyers cheap shot every team, not just the B's. Two years ago the B's did fight often and hit all the time and ended up second overall in points, yeah!! What happened after that? A hockey team that was beat, battered and bruised that was ousted in the play-offs by a team they should have beat, and we all found out later how many were playing w/ injuries. It is an 82 games schedule, these players can and should do what is necessary for the long haul. I agree there should be an edge, but how far should they go? Having a key player out for breaking his hand in a fight is dumb when the team would benefit much more with them on the ice. Being hard to play against all the time is hard, but that would be a way to intimidate most teams not all. The Flyers will always play close to or over the edge until the league clamps down on them. Other teams will play into their hands if they run around trying to exact retribution.
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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    Nice work Ford !! A post like this was overdue....

    Agreed, we're not even effectively neutralizing goon teams right now, let alone meting out retribution for attacks like this and Cooke's....

    I think McGratts should hang as a 13 th forward and play the Philly/Pitt/Loafs games - figure out how to work him in ( ie; Thorts on 3rd line ? ), but something has to be done now before someone else gets concussed or crippled - are you
    reading this Cam Bam ????

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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    I can tell you one thing ....from the Bruins dressing room game against the Flyers we'll take care of Shelly ......dont worry

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    Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!

    In Response to Re: Time to send a message. Enough is enough!:
    Agreed all around the post says "enough is enough!!" And IMO, Chara is not f'n Bobby Orr, he can be spared for 5 minutes to establish him as the leader of this team & to send a message to the league that this will happen any time you attempt to run one of his boys.....even if he gets the gate, WHO CARES, the team will nto follow a lifeless captain.  In fairness to Chara & others on the B's, this may be a message from coaching, management, etc, I dont know; but whoever is makign these decisions to do nothing is in my eyes the issue. Hey Yep?  Bobby Orr fought on all comers! Nobody was cheapshotted on the B's when he was on the ice. Not without him jumping in & taking care of business. Red Fisher a BIG TIME PRO MONTREAL CANADIENS REPORTER. Said "They tested Bobby Orr in fights in the first year. They didn't test him in year two!" Coming from a "homer" like Red Fisher? That says A LOT! This maybe coming from the coaches, but NOBODY will make me believe that Cam is OK with this! Not until I hear it from the man himself!
    Posted by nitemare-38

    I actually heard Orr could take care of himself quite a bit, never had the pleasure to truly see him play live.....I was alluding to people saying "chara is too valuable to fight & sit down for 5 minutes"....I stated the guy is being touted as valuable as Orr, thats what I meant that Orr was that valuable to even have the argument, chara clearly is not even in the same breath as Orr.  Sorry for any confusion on my verbiage....