I saw kaberle keep the puck in the offensive zone more in his first few games then any bruins defensemen had in the last 3 years. Now a few games under his belt with this coach and sure enough i see him dropping off the blueline and into the neutral zone to set the trap up EVERY FKN TIME!! This coach just sucks the life out of all offensive players. Its unbeleivable the change in his game in a mere what 10 games?

I hate watching teams play defense in the offensive end as well. Ive been a die hard bruins fan for over 30 years now and im positive i have never been this frustrated watching them. Even during the late 90's when they were awful, i knew they were awful talent wise. This team has plenty of talent and just doesnt show up so many nights or kicks back and waits for mistakes by the opposing team rather then forcing the issue and make them make mistakes.

Allmost all the issue's of this team are coaching decisions or lack of motivation, which again is a coaching issue.