To My Canadian Friends

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    Re: To My Canadian Friends

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    Sheesh, I'm abouty as big a Canadian nationalist as there is and I don't take any of this stuff to heart. Chill out a bit.

    And I'll be up at 7 am tomorrow cheering on the Yanks over the Finns

    I;m with you cheering for our home team. Today Wheeler was on my wrong team

    Bergeron was on our team .

    Yeah, but speaking of home teams if the States lose, I won't be heartbroken to see Selanne get a medal

    Same with me. Selanne still is a fan favorite among Jets fans.

    And rightfully so.

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    Re: To My Canadian Friends

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    Yea that's the NAS jinx.  He jinxed the Bruins when losing to the Caps LOL, right Shot ?

    Actually it was someone esle, I forget who. It was a thread about how this should be easy.

    No, I'm pretty sure that was me.  I was so sick of reading how scared and worried people were, I wanted to inject the opposite.  Of course I wasn't serious about it, but many fools believed I was...which made it that much more fun to continue with my bloated, boastful predictions of a sweep, then in 5, then in 6 then in 7.  LOL


    exactly ! Kel and 50Below think they know you better than you know yourself . pfffft

    The real question is whom was the fish you were reeling in and didn't pickup ?

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