9th pick  hamilton awesome will be gone
murphy can't pass him up if he's there
the flyers wanted to add SIZE  on the wings and did so    ok
the scabs want to add size
buffaloose wants more size
washington,pittsburgh,rangers, florida, tampa wants more size

GET IT??? 

i have no idea if n.beaulieu is any good.. but i do know who is

tyler BIGGS  team captain team usa 6'2" 215 18!!yrs old great skater! TOUGH skilled . i want this kid he was born to be a BRUIN  next year put on seguin's wing and he will have his back for years. the bruins showed the league SIZE MATTERS when all things are equal they can dig deeper than a little guy thats allready maxed out! ask the lighting or the scabs. aside from lucic and horton (who might be damaged now in the physical dept now.. hope not) who brings the bruin power game? marchand? peverley? paille? caron? suave? arniel? knight?   WITH SKILL not thornton. plus i don't want buffalo or montreal getting him or god for bis the laffs, this kid gonna play and score and fight!  we can more d men later, plus i like the young d we have , we don't have anyonne like this except lucic....  well thats my rant what do you think????