Torey Krug ? help ?

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    Re: Torey Krug ? help ?

    In response to Drewski5's comment:

    In response to gord11's comment:


    "Drewski. I would think you could get at least a top 10 1st round pick (and probaly also a 2nd round pick) for Lucic..." - 'Klaas'


    I think the 'Torch and Pitchfork' gang here (anonymous fans in charge of eliminating 'bad' or 'lesser' fellow-anonymous fans from our e-midst) should look into persecuting comments - like those above - with the same prejudice   


    In the name of limiting freedom of expresssion only to those people we agree with; Perhaps the T&P's should extend their pogrom to fans who utter such things.


    To suggest trading Milan Lucic is treasonous...dangerous!


    Only I didnt suggest trading him.  I was just pointing out that using the amnesty clause on Lucic, which I've heard suggested, is beyond rediculous because even if you do want him off the team (which is absurd in its own right), he has trade value.


    It was a compliment to Lucic.

    I think we are fine regarding our cap situation.  Internal replacements for all departing players, use the money freed to lock up Rask.

    Maybe it's because of what you think Lucic's perceived trade value is. Lucic is worth double what you suggested (or more).

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    Re: Torey Krug ? help ?

    So far I love what little I've seen of Krug.  All three young d. men bring a lot of speed the overall game and a whole new dimension to the pp.  It's going to be interesting to see what Clode does when the other 3 are ready to come back.  Who will match up better against the Pens and their waves of offense?  A Young fast d. or an old, slow shut down d.?