Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

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    I don't want to see this pick get traded.  True that picks 1-5 or 1-8 (depending on who you talk to) are virtually the same, but I'd like to see us have our pick. And it looks to me that Toronto is more likely to sink then they are to get better, especially with the Devils heating up and their schedule is getting tougher. I can't think of a deal that could honestly and feasibly happen that would compensate for top 5 pick. Plus, out of whoever is available, I am not convinced anyone could put us over the top. It can't be a rental, a rental is way way too expensive for Toronto's pick. Move something else, but keep Toronto's pick. And remember last year all of you who were losing their minds about getting Kovalchuk at any cost. You know who you are. You were SCREAMING for Kovalchuk and last year's trading deadline was make or break for PC. The trend is in the right direction.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I'd rather see a perenial cup contender rather than go for it just once.
    Posted by BadHabitude
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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

    If you can get someone who can help now i would,but not a rental player or no 40 year old.By the time draft pick's mature enough to help it will be to late,veterans will be getting to old ie.Chara,Thomas.I say go for it now.

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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

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    That would be a tough decision to make Badhab, I thought is it was a clever ploy by Chia, to announce he might use the Toronto pick in a deal. He will certainly field some interesting offers for sure, but it would have to blow his socks off, for him to let that pick go. Me thinks that he lucked out getting Seguin in last years draft, so he's playing with house money with this years pick. If he can make a deal that makes us better without changing the core group I say go for it , otherwise hold onto it, and see what happens on draft day.
    Posted by Beezfan4life

    Those that play with house money make stupid decisions and quickly give it back to the house. When you have the house money you leave the racetrack or the casino and don't go back - only then do you win.

    You are better off buying a lottery ticket than playing with house money.
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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

    Seabass - depends on your definition, but anyone waiting for superman to fly in and load the team on his back will be waiting for a while. 

    Guerin was a "name" veteran that the Penguins got for the playoffs.  Carolina got veteran scoring out of Weight and Recchi.  The Bourque-led Avs added Rob Blake - biggest name acquisition on this list so far.  The 1996-97 Wings added their leading scorer - Shanahan - in an early season trade, and added Larry Murphy at the deadline.  Murphy was stellar in the playoffs that year.  Avs picked up Ozolinsh but earlier in the year.  The lockout year Devils added Neal Broten, who was a point/game playoff guy for them, but I can't remember how the deadline worked that year.  The '93 Rangers added a lot of bodies, not a lot of skill but plenty of grit.  The Penguins added Tocchet (for Recchi).

    I'll stop with this one, because it's the first example of a team managing to do what some people thing the Bruins should do.

    The Penguins acquired Ron Francis and Ugh...Samuelsson for John Cullen and Zarley Zalapski in '90-'91 and, largely thanks to that deal giving Mario just that little bit more support, surpassed the Bruins as the Eastern conference Cup finalist.  If this trade hadn't gone down, I think it's entirely possible the Bruins would have faced the sub-.500 Cup finalist North Stars.  One more scar on the face of the Whale.
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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

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    I live in Toronto and I will say this, I see the leafs falling apart soon.  especially if they lose Versteeg and Kaberle.  they had a couple soft games this week and have taken 5 out of 6 points of late, but i see the collapse coming. No way they can keep that up.   Hold that leaf pick Chia, if anything deal our pick  ( yes I said "our").  If Nashville can land Carrie Fisher with a 1st, B's should be able to pull something substantial.  I believe we have 4 picks in the 1st, 2 rounds?.. (correct me if I'm wrong)  Keep rolling B's!! Should be an interesting couple weeks,  lots to work prospects to play with too. K-Bizz
    Posted by KennyBizz

    Not sure about them falling apart, they are 7 points out of a playoff spot so I suspect they'll continue to be competitive to try and make up more ground, albeit I don't think they'll make it, too much ground and teams to hop

    However, good point regarding PC's leverage.  I would hold out until the end to see which assets the Leafs move  If they move key assets for futures, then you hold on to the pick regardless because the Leafs will likely drop and the pick will be higher.

    If the Leafs don't do that, it becomes a gamble on whether you think the Leafs, as they currently stand will gain any ground on the teams above them and stay ahead of those behind them.

    PC can hold tight right up to the trading deadline to see how it all plays out before pulling the trigger

    Bruins are in good shape regardless and shouldn't make any knee jerk moves.
    The team is coming together and you don't want to disrupt the overall chemistry unless you can move assets not currently on the NHL roster.

    I'm not sure why so many people on this forum are clammering for a trade.  They seem to be firing on all cylinders right now...
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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

    Thanks Bookboy, i hope that wasnt from memory!
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    Re: Toronto's pick - I don't want to see it traded

    About Toronto's pick, their schedule looks like rough sledding from here on in.  I've noted the teams they are playing below them in the standings, and that's just 5 games. one of them is NJ who is coming on strong.

    A 4th overall pick could happen easily, but tough to get better than that.

    The odds of a 4th overall pick being a bust?  It happens, but it is rare.

    I just don't see the Leafs catching anyone in front of them.

    02/12/11 Leafs at Montreal  
    02/16/11 Leafs at Buffalo    
    02/19/11 Leafs Ottawa *
    02/22/11 Leafs NY Islanders *
    02/24/11 Leafs at Montreal    
    02/26/11 Leafs Pittsburgh  
    02/27/11 Leafs at Atlanta    
    03/02/11 Leafs Pittsburgh  
    03/03/11 Leafs at Philadelphia    
    03/05/11 Leafs Chicago  
    03/08/11 Leafs at NY Islanders   *
    03/10/11 Leafs Philadelphia  
    03/12/11 Leafs Buffalo  
    03/14/11 Leafs Tampa Bay  
    03/16/11 Leafs at Carolina    
    03/22/11 Leafs at Minnesota    
    03/24/11 Leafs at Colorado  
    03/26/11 Leafs at Detroit  
    03/29/11 Leafs Buffalo  
    04/02/11 Leafs at Ottawa   *
    04/05/11 Leafs Washington  
    04/06/11 Leafs at New Jersey   *
    04/09/11 Leafs Montreal