Talent alone doesn't win Cups, so maybe that's why Kelly's been brought in.

The B's have GOT to stop "playing when they feel like it" -  no team wins championships doing that, no matter how "talented" they might be.   

For literally the past 24 months (since early Feb., 2009, following the B's absurdly good start to the 08-09 season), this team has been done-in by their consistent INconsistency, their INconsistent compete level and their alarming tendency...by their own admission...to "come out flat" even for big games such as TWO playoff games vs. Carolina in '09, not to mention last week at home vs. Detroit.  And how do we explain last night's "effort" vs. Toronto, especially in light of the two losses to Detroit?  Clearly, their heads weren't 100% into the game, but WHY? 

When you read all the genuine positives they're saying in Ottawa about Kelly (including from GM Murray who's not one to praise any player lightly...), it is more with the B's infuriating, inexplicable 24-month inconsistency in mind that I hope Kelly can make an impact here.